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At Valley Financial, Inc. (VFI) we strive to earn your confidence and be a trusted advisor thruout the loan process. Our President, Shellie Hatfield, and her highly trained team of reverse mortgage specialists provide a unique and dedicated approach seldomly found in today’s fast paced lending environment. Shellie is a homegrown, small town woman at heart which is conveyed to every single VFI customer.

The reverse mortgage market can be a sea of confusion and complex language or a beacon of hope and financial comfort.

Call or email us today and allow us the opportunity to give you the right information in a timely manner to deliver on your reverse mortgage loan needs.

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Today more than ever, seniors are faced with a complex myriad of financial products and home loan programs. The Reverse Mortgage, also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), certainly falls into that category. Although more and more American seniors are discovering the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage, the process can be a daunting and discouraging one without the proper counseling and education from the right lending partner.

Today’s technologies can often take the ‘human element’ out of the home lending process. We believe the most important aspect of home loan lending is the trusted and transparent relationship built with our customers. Our systems are built on handshakes and live voices, not robots and auto-fill forms.

Our goal is to deliver the best possible loan experience for you in hopes that you will be encouraged and confident to share our company with family and friends in the future.

Reverse Mortgage 101

A reverse mortgage in it’s basic form is an equity loan secured by your home which allows the deferment of mortgage payments until a future event. Created in 1988 by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the reverse mortgage like it’s name implies allows homeowners 62 years or older to take advantage of the home’s equity without the need for mortgage payments until the loan reaches maturity. As long as the homeowner occupies the property and pays their property taxes and insurance, they can leverage the homes equity payment free.

There are multiple options on how to gain access to the home’s equity, and we are here to educate you and explore all of the options so you and your family can make an informed decision on whether a reverse mortgage will work in your favor.

Although there are multiple options to a HECM, a reverse mortgage is truly a one-of-a-kind loan. We love meeting and speaking with our senior community, our nation’s most beloved generation, and helping them learn more about this dynamic and helpful financial product. Call the number above or email us with a best time to contact you and one of our expert program advisors will reach out to open a friendly, no obligation consultation to see if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

Also see our Learn More page for more information about reverse mortgage facts, figures, and myths

Benefits of Reverse Mortgages

Tap into your home’s equity

You are able to access the equity within your home as long as you stay in your home and meet the RM guidelines

You keep your home

As long as you meet the minimum loan requirements of the RM, you get to keep and stay in your home for your entire life

Maximum amount owed

You nor your heirs will ever owe more than the home is worth. This is guaranteed in writing by HUD/FHA

Tax Benefits

Withdrawal of loan proceeds from a RM is tax free and if the borrower elects to repay any portion of the loan, they may be tax deductible

No monthly Payment

When you meet the minimum loan requirements, you are not required to make a payment as long as you live or until you leave your home

Use of loan funds

Use your RM loan proceeds to payoff debt or other mortgages, make home improvements, pay monthly living expenses, or for any other reason. You have full control over the use of funds

Flexibility on Equity Access

The RM offers 6 options in accessing the equity in your home. From monthly installment payments to you, to a line of credit, to a lump sum withdrawal, or a combination of these, the RM provides many choices to meet your needs now or in the future

Other Facts and Myths of Reverse Mortgages

  • Costs of a RM

    Although a RM can be more costly than other conventional type loans in terms of processing and closing costs, today’s RM products offer some flexible solutions to help reduce and sometimes even eliminate those loan closing costs. Closing costs are typically financed into the loan so there are no out of pocket expenses, but you may end up using some of your home’s equity towards these costs. Your loan counselor or advisor will provide multiple options and a detailed breakdown of how these costs can covered.
  • Effects on Home Equity

    In most cases, a significant portion of your home’s equity will be utilized to fund your life’s expenses thru the RM, both in the cash you withdraw and the interest that accrues over time. This will leave less equity in your home at the time you leave your home and thus affecting future inheritance or asset disposition to family or friends.
  • When loan becomes due

    A RM becomes due under the following circumstances:
    1. You move out of the home. (Borrowers are eligible to stay in a nursing home or assisted living facility for up to 1 year if needed withouth the loan being due
    2. You fail to pay your annual property taxes or your homeowner’s insurance (Lender may initiate foreclosure proceedings in this instance)
    3. You fail to maintain the property to meet the minimum RM requirements (Lender may initiate foreclosure proceedings in this instance)
    4. You are deceased
  • What are the effects on my heirs?

    Your heirs will have ample time (up to 12 months) to complete a sale or refinance transaction to pay back the balance of the loan. If your heirs choose not to act, the reverse mortgage lender will have no choice but to foreclose on the home. In the event that the sale of the property does not yield sufficient funds to pay off the balance of the loan, the government insurance that you would have paid for as a part of closing your reverse mortgage loan will cover your estate. The Lender will be reimbursed for any shortfall from the mortgage insurance fund.

    It should be noted that a Reverse Mortgage can be a complex transaction and as part of the HUD/FHA requirements, a mandatory counseling session will be scheduled with a certified RM advisor in order to provide answers to any and all questions you have. Our goal is not only to offer you best-in-class customer service, but to give you all the options and information to make the best choice for you and your family. Give us a call today and let us help you on the path towards a better financial future.

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